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Ready Player One: movie comes out soon!

This was a really fun concept. My husband would get a bigger kick out of it because he would get more of the references. I ended up looking a few of them up, though it's certainly still enjoyable even if you're not familiar with all the movies/games he mentions. One thing that impressed me was how easy the reading went. The prose is very straightforward and clear. He doesn't spend any more time on something than you think he should, which I appreciated. It gave the book a fast-paced feel. Satisfying ending and cheer-out-loud fun scenes. I stayed up late to finish this one. Just as a note: there's a bit of language throughout, and some sexual references, though no sex scenes. I'm sure I'll have to make an effort to separate the book from the movie coming out, but the movie has great potential based on a book like this

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