The Perfect Fool


They say all men are fools in love.

Farrago invented that saying.

It's not a complement.


The career of a professional fool might not be for everyone, but it suits Farrago just perfectly. Of course, he can be a bit dense behind all that wit. By the time he realizes he might have feelings for the local scullery maid, she's swept away as the missing monarch to the next closest kingdom. If Farrago is going to have a chance to woo her again, he's going to have to go undercover and face some of his worst fears. Good thing he's not deathly afraid of spiders and competing with nobility much, much better with swords than he is, including the one who carries a strange milti-legged pet for a strange reason.  


Pubilshed via Cedar Fort. On shelves April 2015.


Aurora Wolf, May 2012

Kurt is a bored young kid lost in the monotony of his daily schedule. So when his printed suddenly develops an unexpected personality, it might just be enought to wake him up to life.


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Short Story. Magical Realism. 3,066 words